When the pole breaks in the closet, it is time to clean out the coats..

IMG_1769IMG_2040I went to close the guest room closet the other night and noticed that the pole was at a 45 degree angle.  The assorted clothing was still hanging but was impossible to access because it was compressed.  In the spring, I moved all the winter coats and jackets to the closet.  I stored my ski equipment there so I could just grab it and go to the slopes.   Beth moved home from college.    She put her heavy clothing in the closet.  The total was too heavy which was contrast from my bedroom.  My closet and dresser drawers are neat and accessible.  Like a model with an eating disorder, I purge and cleanse.  I have a pair or two of flip-flops that need to go, put everything in my closet gets worn at least once a year or it goes.  I recently found that two of my nicer cocktail dresses and suits are too big so I am taking them to Finders Keepers for consignment.

Confession Time–I am emotionally attached to winter clothing at two levels.

One,  I think that  I have minor symptoms of Reynaud’s disease.   My fingers and feet get cold easily, I often get cramping in the night of my feet, my nails are almost white not pink.   Prevention – stay warm and wear gloves.  For me, it is the result of having years of nasal congestion and taking medication with pseudoephedrine (Sudafed).  I like being outside in cold weather, but I dread being cold.

Two, my work environment was dressed up but had to be outside in the coldest of winters.  I needed two heavy overcoats, one as a back up.

My big red one, I’ve had since the girls were little.  I used to be a “mommy tent” and the girls could hide under the it with me.   My herringbone, I bought in Minnesota at my uncle’s funeral.  It has sparkly material and unique.   I bought my newest gray one to replace my old red one which it hasn’t.   I have my dad’s newer down jacket.  I bought it just before he died because he wanted a new one.  Steve uses it for yard work but he also wear the old polar fleece one because we can wash it instead of dry cleaning.  I have a down jacket but wear my stadium jacket, again because it is washable.  I bought the red rain coat because it was light weight and water-resistant.  The green one is very light weight but not warm alone like the red one.  I also have a green running jacket, great pockets for running, although I don’t like running in the rain, and now have a waist belt to hold everything if I run.  I have a teal jump suit that I wear to snow blow and ski, but I replaced the jump suit with a jacket and snow pants this winter.

Time to purge and cleanse so the closet is usable again…


About Sherri Robinson

Enjoying time with my wonderful husband after my two amazing daughters have left on adventures in New York and Seattle, avid reader, exploring the world, sharing time with friends near and far, living my Christian faith.
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