Lately, I’ve been, I’ve been losing sleep Dreaming about the things that we could be….we’ll be counting stars. One Republic

Active- the word for 2018

I have been listening to the podcasts by Gretchen Rubin.  She wrote the best selling book, “The Happiness Project”.  She has written other books and now has a podcast about happiness.  The subject could be trite but it is well researched and for those of us not living where we are worried about surviving day to day,  strategies to be mindful of daily happiness.  She said to choose a word for the year. My word for the year is Active.

I want to be more Active in my community.  The late Speaker of the House, Tip O’Neill, said “All Politics is Local”.  People respond how their lives are impacted.  My husband and I and our neighbors got involved in local politics.  We supported 2 local candidates with contributions, attended candidate forums, and a yard sign.  They were elected.  Our congressional representative does nothing for the local district but there hasn’t been a good candidate until now.  We have attended a meet the candidate and campaign training and will be Active volunteers. I want to do everything I can to make positive changes.

Active in my church– I am teaching Sunday School, organizing  a  family food ministry, greeting, and being part of a fellowship dinner group.

Active outdoors-I have been working with the director of the City of Spokane Valley Parks and Recreation.  The city has a wonderful walking/biking trail called “The Appleway Trail.”  The first mile ran out of money for planting so it is a mile of weeds.  The rest of the trail has funding for vegetation and maintenance.  We are developing a pilot section for native pollinators that are drought resistant.    I joined 3 garden groups to help this project although I found out that only 1 will provide active volunteers.  I also joined a women’s hiking group, Ms. Adventurers.  I have been able to explorer wonderful hiking areas in my community.

When I first retired, I got the best advice.  “Try lots of activities but don’t commit.”  I have found that I really enjoy selling tickets for the Symphony, learning to play the piano, hiking with my women’s hiking group, new activities in my church, launching a civic pilot garden project, expanding gardening projects in my yard, and raising money through a sorority function. Steve and I plan to actively travel.  We stayed closer to home having a new dog in 2017.   Lastly, joining a political campaign.  2018 will be an active year.







About Sherri Robinson

Enjoying time with my wonderful husband after my two amazing daughters have left on adventures in New York and Seattle, avid reader, exploring the world, sharing time with friends near and far, living my Christian faith.
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