My 19 for 2019

1) Go to a gym class at least 8 times a month.  I went to my first yoga class in months.  It felt great but I was tired.

2)Finish piano class books and learn black key scales. More complicated pieces use the sharp/flat scales.

Piano with futon

My piano studio/pool house with new studio sized piano.

3)Learn basic sentences for trip to Portugal. I don’t want to be rude and not everyone speaks English.

4) Read Lonely Planet and other travel books for Portugal. I always like to prepare.

5)Take all photos to basement and make albums. My downsizing and organizing goal from 2012!

6) Find two quality rugs at Owens Auction for family room. Good news/bad news-great items are auctioned off from Estate sales.  Bad news is the things people spent thousands of dollars may not even sell.  If you always wanted a china cabinet and china, now is the time.  If you have multiple sets, use them all the time.  The next generation only wants things that can be put together with an Allen wrench.

7)Buy State Discover Pass and go snow shoeing. Such a great value.  I have a forever pass for the National Parks, Wildlife Refuge, BLM lands, and National Monuments.

8) Buy 2 quality rose bushes and plant bulbs that I stored all winter.  Box store roses never last beyond 3 years and aren’t constant bloomers.

julia child rose

Julia Child rose

9)Plan road to Arcata in March.

10)Swim 4 days a week this summer when in town to justify the new heater.

11)Do a half marathon that I can walk/jog and sign up at the last minute. The extra fee is better than not showing up for a reduced rate.

12)Don’t keep score and let go.

13)Take Carson for a walk 3 times a week. Actually more important for him than me.  Cavaliers can develop heart issues

14)Go on 5 hikes and lead one. I am a leader for a woman’s hiking group.  I didn’t lead a single hike in 2018.

15)Have gum surgery. I have been putting this off for 3 years…

16)Call Jeanette and drop of crystal for the symphony sale.

17)Make a Spanish Quince paste. My friend brought me quince fruit which I cooked and is in my freezer.

18)Plant potatoes, beets, fennel, leeks, and Swiss Chard in community garden box.

19)Continue to deepen friendships and get to know 4 people better.

Gretchen Ruben suggested having some goals that you know you will do.  They are one time things.  I will make the paste soon and call Jeanette for example.  Do you have some 19 for 2019 goals?


About Sherri Robinson

Enjoying time with my wonderful husband after my two amazing daughters have left on adventures in New York and Seattle, avid reader, exploring the world, sharing time with friends near and far, living my Christian faith.
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