About Sherri Robinson

My email address came from a family name and reading the book, “How the Irish Saved Western Civilization.” Iona Clements was my father’s aunt. She was named for the island off Scotland where the Irish first brought Christianity to the Celtics. The real Macbeth and Duncan are buried on the Island. It is a very spiritual and ancient place.

As I am in the Encore of my life, I hope to reflect and enjoy the time that I have been given. Steve and I read many books and listened to pod casts. I really enjoyed, “Retirement Talks for Boomers” by Del Lowry and “Younger Next Year for Women” by Chris Crowley.

When we talked with people still in the work force, but of a similar age, I was surprised by some of the reactions. I was told that they couldn’t sit around the house and watch TV all day or what would they do with themselves if they weren’t working.

I shared during my last few weeks with friends and colleagues that I was going to do all the things I tried to squeeze in during the evening hours, weekends, and vacations. If you have a full and active life and want to continue but not being under the time constraints of work, join me in my journey.


2 Responses to About Sherri Robinson

  1. Don says:

    Right on Sherri! Good comment in response to others “…watch TV all day…”
    This is a great idea. I find the structure of your site interesting. May do something similar later on to promote my writing.

  2. paul schrader says:


    loved the pics of your and Steve’s backyard in the glory of summer. Yes, spring will soon be here. I was out digging up our old rapberry patch yesterday, and the birds were singing that spring is almost here.

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