Hearts and Bones – A day at SCRAPS or a fun song by Paul Simon


Getting Moka, my brother-in-law’s dog, ready for a run in Arcata this summer.

I got great advice at Steve’s Retirement Party in June from Marsha, that retired last year. Marsha said, “Take the first year to try

things out but don’t make commitments.” I have wanted to spend time outside with dogs. The Spokane Regional Animal Protection Service has the perfect program for me. They offer monthly volunteer training programs. The first is General Orientation for two hours, then additional classes for dog and/or cat socialization. If one completes

all three classes, one can take the Adoption Counselor class. Now I can work with cats and

Beautiful Maine Coon Cat owner surrendered at SCRAPS

dogs and help people find a pet when they visit SCRAPS. As a volunteer, I check the website for volunteer opportunities and sign up. We keep track of our hours for grants. The schedule is very flexible and perfect for me. Click on the photo of the cat to get to SCRAPS home page.


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