I Experience a New Tranquilty When Either Waiting for the Cable Guy for a new Cable Box or Delivery of New Appliances

Before I retired, I was often a plate juggler, waiting for a dish to crash to the floor.  Now time seems to expand.  I have left the demand of the Urgent, though not always Important.  Steve researched our current cable system and found a way for us to save money and upgrade our system.  We had to schedule an afternoon for installation of the updated boxes. No more days of feeling I was scheduling Putin to talk to the European Union.  We just marked down the date and time.

Our washing machine started making disturbing noises  and stopped working.  We checked the folder and we purchased the washer and dryer over 11 years ago. I had a memory marker because it was a stressful and frantic time in  my life with my father’s final illness and death.

We decided to update both appliances. We felt no urgency even with the upcoming holiday because all soiled laundry was minimal.  We could even revisit our early married years and spend time in a laundromat next week.  However,  we found a wonderful washer and dryer with better technology and energy efficiencies that were reduced and at an additional 4th of July weekend sale price. Delivery tomorrow afternoon with removal of the old appliances was included.  I was prepared to wait as long as needed like the dog on the beach and take a swim in the interim.

Dog by the lake

Dog by the lake


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